Urban Water Agenda


5 October 2017

Seventeen cities sign the Porto Declaration on the Urban Water Agenda 2030

During and prior to the Mayors & Water Conference 2017 in Porto which took place on 29th September, seventeen cities (Amsterdam, Bonn, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Genk, Leeuwarden, Lisbon, Mannheim, Murcia, Oslo, Panevezys, Paris, Porto, Stockholm, Thessaloniki, Timisoara and Wroclaw) signed the Porto Declaration on the Urban Water Agenda 2030 (UWA2030), thereby committing to support the cooperation process between European cities and the European Commission towards the development of an urban water agenda that promotes sustainable water management in cities. The Declaration is still open for signature by elected representatives from local governments and can be found here.
During the conference, the Mayor of Leeuwarden, Crone Ferd, called on the European Commission to support more city-to-city cooperation on water, whereas the Mayor of Wrocław, Rafał Dutkiewicz, stressed the importance of strengthening the exchange of good practices between European cities. From his side, Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Natural Capital at DG Environment of the European Commission, declared the readiness of the European Commission to join forces with cities through the UWA2030.
In order to further develop the UWA2030, a public consultation on the draft strategy, that will shape the course of the UWA2030, has been launched. The consultation is open until 9th October 2017 and aims to gather direct input from water stakeholders so as to reflect their needs in terms of sustainable water management. Especially city officials should therefore not miss this opportunity to voice their expectations and take part in the consultation here.

For more information contact: water[at]iclei.org.

6 July 2017

Cities and water sector institutions eager to contribute to Urban Water Agenda 2030

With the words “we want cities to lead the European Urban Water Agenda 2030”, Karen Dalgaard-Sanning from the Directorate-General European Commission, DG Environment, set the tone for discussions at ICLEI’s latest Breakfast at Sustainability’s session, which took place in Brussels (Belgium) on 28 June 2017.

Exchanging perspectives on the needs and interests of ‘Cities driving integrated urban water management’, representatives from over 30 cities and other stakeholder institutions gathered to examine the opportunities presented by the Urban Water Agenda 2030. The initiative was established with the support of the European Commission in early 2016.

Many European cities have already taken big strides towards making sustainable water management a reality. Six of them – Copenhagen (Denmark), Genk (Belgium), Leeuwarden (The Netherlands), Oslo (Norway), Paris (France), and Stockholm (Sweden) – shared their perspectives on what is needed at the local level to make this happen, whilst expressing their readiness to play an active role in the Urban Water Agenda 2030 process.

“We want to develop a comprehensive approach to water”, said Arnaud Stotzenbach, Deputy Director for Water and Sanitation for the City of Paris. The five strategic directions presented as part of the draft agenda were received well by participants. Potential additional agenda points mentioned in discussions included the need to integrate water across various urban management sectors, link up existing water-related initiatives, and build an effective governance system.

The draft Urban Water Agenda 2030 is open to public consultation until 31 July 2017: European cities, water utilities and operators, and other water sector experts are invited to comment. On behalf of the European Commission, ICLEI and EUROCITIES are conducting an online survey to collect their opinions. Its results will help guide the agenda's future development.

To participate in the survey and for more information about the consultation process and EU Urban Water Agenda 2030, click here or contact water@iclei.org.

22 June 2017

ICLEI’s 24th edition of B@S on 28 June 2017: Listen why Paris, Copenhagen Stockholm, Oslo and Leeuwarden support the Urban Water Agenda 2030!

Starting from the beginning of last year, the Urban Water Agenda 2030 has slowly, but surely taken speed. Initiated by the European Commission to leverage city action for more sustainable urban water management, a core group of more than 20 cities is now actively engaged in taken the process further. In the 24th edition of ICLEI’s Breakfast at Sustainability’s (B@S) – taking place at the ICLEI Brussels Office on 28 June 2017 from 9:30 to 12:00 (followed by light lunch) - representatives of five of these cities will share with urban water sector stakeholders what has brought them to actively support the development of the Urban Water Agenda 2030 strategy development and why they think cities are crucial to achieve the European Union’s water policy objectives.

The event will start with Karen Dalgaard-Sanning from the Clean Water unit of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment and her presentation on “Paving the way for sustainable water management at EU level”.

The B@S is coorganised by ICLEI and EUROCITIES in the context of a joint contract with the European Commission for the development of a strategy for the Urban Water Agenda 2030. Don’t miss the consultation process that is open until 5 July 2017!

Location of event: ICLEI Brussels Office at Avenue de Tervuren, 35 - Brussels (Metro: Merode)

Agenda for download

To register (free of charge) please email to Serena Scotton at brussels-office@iclei.org by 26th June 2017.

19 June 2017

Public consultation on the Urban Water Agenda 2030 still open until 31 July 2017

The Urban Water Agenda 2030 (UWA2030) process aims to enable local governments to accelerate the implementation of local policies and practices for sustainable urban water management. It has been initiated by DG Environment of the European Commission with a view of contributing to the European Union’s ambitious water policy that is aiming to achieve a good status of all water bodies.

ICLEI and EUROCITIES, on behalf of the European Commission, are conducting this public consultation in order to gather input for the development of this initiative.

The consultation is based on a draft strategy for the Urban Water Agenda 2030 which has been developed together with a core group of cities that are closely involved in the development of the initiative. The draft strategy suggests that cities can voluntarily commit themselves to actions in five strategic directions: action at local level, action between cities, action at river basin level, action at EU level and action in a global context.

The consultation targets European cities of all sizes as well as stakeholders of the water sector (such as: water utilities and providers, water industry, research and academic community).

Extended until 31 July 2017, the consultation consists of 4 sections: personal information, framework of the initiative, strategic directions, and commitment process. Having read the UWA2030 draft strategy, the survey takes around 15 minutes to complete and is accessible here.

The feedback will be taken into account in the future design of the Urban Water Agenda, which is to be relevant to cities’ local circumstances, needs and interests. For more information on the survey and the UWA2030 process please contact us at water@iclei.org

17 May 2017

Urban Water Agenda 2030 Core Group of Cities raises the bar of ambition

At their meeting in Brussels on 16 May 2017 the majority of the Core Group of Cities for the Urban Water Agenda 2030 agreed that this new initiative should be driven by a strong political commitment of city level decision makers. The Core Group members also expressed their hope that the Urban Water Agenda, once fully in operation, will provide committed cities with an entry point for contributing to EU water policy development as well as with fresh opportunities for capacity-building.

The Core Group was recently formed by the European Commission, DG Environment, after a call for Expressions of Interest and is now composed of the following cities, the majority of them being members of EUROCITIES and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Bonn, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Genk, Leeds, Lisbon, Leeuwarden, Malmö, Mannheim, Murcia, Paris, Porto, Stockholm, Tallinn, Thessaloniki, Timisoara, Turin, and Wroclaw.

The Core Group came together on 16 May to reflect on the local needs and expectations to which the Urban Water Agenda should respond. The group members also provided their perspective on the strategic thrust and direction which the initiative should take.

Earlier this year, ICLEI and EUROCITIES were contracted by the European Commission to develop a strategy for the Urban Water Agenda 2030 that builds on the outcomes of a Europe-wide consultation process.  After a first round of feedback from the 20 Core Group members, the draft strategy will be subject to a larger consultation with cities and other stakeholders in urban water management that is due to start mid June.

Please contact water@iclei.org for further information or to indicate your interest in participating in the upcoming Urban Water Agenda 2030 consultation.